The Arab conquest!

Yes, there’s a major conquest going on in the Arab world along with an unambiguous showcase of hypocrisy by the leaders of Muslim world, Welcome the Saudis and it’s followers. Well, it’s been more than 5 years to the syrian civil war, that was set to oust bashar-al-assad, after the Arab spring actually took place and that required foreign interventions by the combined joined task force- operation inherent resolve and the the other Kurdish-Arab forces to fight alongside to topple his government. 

And, we all are aware that nearly 4 lakh people died in this half decade, 7 lakh people displaced internally, and more than 4 lakh people became refugees and immigrants in Europe and other parts of West Asia.

Just because Shia’s aren’t Muslims? 

So many people including small children died just because they’re slightly different in their religious practices. 

And Saudi gang cover it up with a tag of pro-democracy. 

So, What is the Saudi doing in its backyard, Yemen? Wasn’t saleh ousted by its own people? But no, it’s an Iranian provocation. 

People are dying in this Shia v/s Sunni and the world has nothing to do but watch the great show of hypocrisy, Right Potus?


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