‘Insaniyat, Kashmiriyat and Jamhooriyat’ 

The vale of kashmir is small portion of the the total 60% princely state of Jammu &  Kashmir that we’ve direct control over today.30% is controlled/occupied by the state of Pakistan in the west, 9% annexed by the dragon in the east and the rest 1% ceded to it by Pakistan, right in the north of the siachin glacier (the triangle of life & death)

This land has karakoram range in the north, Indus river in West, Ladakh pleateu in East, remember stills from the movie 3 idiots? A lake on LAC, pangong tso was depicted in the movie, whereas the district of Jammu in the south. This enclosed land is often referred to as the heaven on earth,it is undoubtedly.

But to be true, it’s a haven for infiltrators, militants,differently civilized ‘civilians’ and a litmus test for 4 lakh strong army personnel of the republic of India deployed here.

Kashmir has a detailed history in its civilization, culture and it’s brotherhood that goes back to thousands of years. But the current situation is a an outcome of deeply-planned strategies by Pakistan to acquire more land and hurt the sentiments of more than a billion people,as the Indians treat this very LAND as the crown of their motherland, Bharat Mata.

One worthy point to note about the motives of Pakistan in doing so is the presence of fresh water, Siachin glacier. Fresh water bodies would lead to crisis and further to big wars among nations, as only 3% of total water on earth is drinkable and only 1% is present in liquid state.

Now, let’s see the whole game plan step by step.

1) The dispute between India and Pakistan on kashmir also deals with a brief history of kashmir from this Millennium. China is not counted here because it has different reasons to annex Indian territory unlike Pakistan.

2) Kashmir state was a Hindu majority, later buddhism, shaivism added flavors to it but peacefully.

3) Muslim rule started by Shah Mir in 1339 AD, who dethroned Kota rani and killed his prime minister. Kota rani was a Hindu ruler and gained the throne when his father Ramachandra was killed by Rinchan who was administrator to ladakh, he later embraced Islam. Shah Mir founded the Shah Mir dynasty of kashmir(1339-1342)

4) The mughals too reached their hands on to kashmir, they stayed quite a while, till then muslim population has risen much, converted, migrated and killed the hindus;simple!

5) Entry of the Punjab warrior ruler, Ranjit Singh didn’t help much to strike a balance until the British beat the Sikh in the first anglo-sikh war and the princely state of kashmir was sold by British to Maharaja Gulab Singh, Hindu rajput ruler and founder of dogra dynasty in kashmir in 1846, who has earlier accepted the dominion of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

6) Under British rule, Dogra kingdom of Jammu and kashmir flourished but according to the census of 1901,the Muslim population reached 74% whereas in the census of 1941, it reached 77%.

7) Detailing the facts, 77% is calculated for the whole state, talking of the vale of kashmir, it has reached 90% Muslim population till then.

8) Kahmiri pandits constituted 3-4% whereas Tibetan Buddhists constituted nearly 1%, and in Jammu Hindu’s were slightly less than 50%.

9) After partition, the instrument of accessation was signed by the dogra raja Hari Singh,with the republic of India.

10) Due to Muslim majority of kashmir, Pakistan attacked Indian territory of Kashmir and India stopped the former to some portion inside our territory and ceasefire was asked.

11) Article 370, designated special status to the state of Jammu &  Kashmir, as discussed with the dogra ruler.

12) Separate flag, Separate constitution, No interference of the federal government in cases other than defence, foreign policy etc. Hence the residual powers rest with the state, no implementation of article 360, the financial emergency, no requirement of assent from president on any bill except that deals with the governor and the election commission, citizen rights and what not.

13) Citizenship rights also have a special feature, unlike Indian constitution, kashmir’s Constitution accepts the people as its permanent residents who has returned from Pakistan after the partition. Which is strictly rejected by our constitution.

14) Taking advantage of such provisions, Pakistan has placed it’s people effectively on Indian side to destabilize it and finally annex it from the Indians.

15) That’s why people throw stones at security forces, confront them, create ruckus everywhere, thinking India would either agree to a plebiscite or would go for a war again, in both the circumstances Pakistan is not at the losing end.

This strategy has already completed its more than half execution, Kashmiri pandits were brutally killed during 1989-1991, their genocide and exodus took place back then, now the current population of Muslims in vale of kashmir is 99% with less than 1% Hindus there, moreover you can’t buy a land there, as you’re an Indian and not Kashmiri but that person can buy land, get married to 4-5 ladies, produce 15-20 children, who came from Pakistan after the partition, with an evil plan to execute.

They are succeeding in destroying the harmony of hindu-muslims in other states too, indirectly. They are waging war against India, employing those 15-20 children into their small militant groups and then they yell for freedom. These anti-indians aren’t still in majority there, many Kashmiris want to stay with India as Indians, they too are suffering from this Gazwa-e-hind.

Let’s check the clock before it ticks to boom and save our native people and prove OUR actual definition of “Insaniyat, Kashmiriyat and Jamhooriyat”

JAI Hind



      1. you will also find it interesting to know that the Map will change if you research to see which Area have more Shias and more Sunnis. The valley has only 4 disturbed districts and the only agenda left is Return of those illegally oppucied areas which were once in Riyasat of Kashmir and since ceded to India in 1947.


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